Yellowhammer Farmland Bird Project Praised At Westminster


Yellowhammers projects in Ards were commended by Jim Shannon MP. Yellowhammers projects in Ards were commended by Jim Shannon MP.[/caption]

im Shannon, MP for Strangford, speaking at the Farmland Bird Population debate at Westminster, commended the excellent three Yellowhammer Song Bird projects in his constituency of Strangford.

He said: “The Yellowhammer Bird initiative at Lord Dunleath’s Ballywalter Estate, Calverts at the Ballybryan Road, Greyabbey and Martin Hamilton at Ballyrainey Road, Newtownards are three  examples of how farmers, land owners, RSPB and countrysports groups can work together to deliver an increase in song bird populations and even enhance the bird species such as the Yellow Hammer.

“I have visited some of the locations and am aware that the success has depended greatly on the land owners.  Without their commitment, the yellowhammer bird recovery would never have been achieved and so thanks go to these three land owners for enabling these projects to deliver – the increase in these lovely little songbirds has been significant and the singing and chirping of birds across all the fields on the 3 farms and estates is a testament to that.”