Wright Recycling Receives Customised Training from SERC


Pictured at their state-of the-art-facility are Susan Wright, General Manager of Wright Recycling, The Minister for Employment and Learning Dr Stephen Farry, SERC Principal Chief Executive Mr Ken Webb and MLA Simon Hamilton. Pictured at their state-of the-art-facility are Susan Wright, General Manager of Wright Recycling, The Minister for Employment and Learning Dr Stephen Farry, SERC Principal Chief Executive Mr Ken Webb and MLA Simon Hamilton.[/caption]

Establishing a sustainable approach to business is a key objective for many modern day organisations. And it is no different for multi-million pound SME Wright Recycling who has teamed up with a local college to help improve their environmental performance.

Wright Recycling Ltd based in Newtownards is one of the leading waste management companies that carries and recycles over 30,000 tons of waste each year and recycles over 90 per cent of waste brought into their site.

Thanks to funding from the Department for Employment and Learning (DEL), Wright Recycling Ltd has collaborated with South Eastern Regional College (SERC) to up-skill and professionalise their operatives which it said will improve production, reduce waste to landfill, increase employee morale and help reach their strategic recyclable targets. Further expected results include a reduction in residual waste and, as a result of knowledge enhancement, substantial savings on insurance.

Susan Wright, General Manager of Wright Recycling explained: “Wright Recycling is set to reap enormous benefits through the partnership with SERC.  The qualification demonstrates the level at which our employees operate and reflects their expertise in waste management. The competencies achieved from the course will support career progression within the company. Continuous professional development in our staff is contributing to achieving our ambitious environmental and recycling targets.”

The sustainable waste management course, delivered by SERC, focuses on delivering key modules including, waste acceptance, waste handling, legislation, manual handling, health and safety, environmental monitoring and risk management. Customised Training is designed to enhance the skills base within SME businesses. The project is financed by DEL and offers SME’s up to 75 per cent funding to cover the costs of the training.

Congratulating David and Susan Wright, owners and managers of Wright Recycling, on their training commitment, Dr Farry said: “My Department, through its Skills Solutions Service, has been able to support this local business to develop the skills of its staff, using South Eastern Regional College to deliver the training.

“The Skills Solutions Service provides advice and assistance to small and medium sized companies to help them identify the training they need, find it and then support them through its delivery.  A highly trained Skills Solutions adviser will be happy to call with any business to talk to them on these issues. This has been an excellent example of true partnership – organisations working together to deliver an outcome which will benefit both Wright Recycling as a business and the individuals within it as they expand their portfolio of skills.  I look forward to hearing how these skills have made a real difference.”

Strangford MLA Simon Hamilton signposted the training and added: “I am delighted that Wright Recycling has teamed up with SERC to up skill their employees and ultimately help improve their environmental performance and help reach landfill and sustainability targets. I would encourage other local companies to realise the benefits of working with their local college when they’re looking to up-skill or retrain their team or develop their products.”

SERC recently received official accreditation from The Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board, WAMITAB, to help local SME’s monitor, control and improve its environmental performance – a key objective on the government’s agenda. The college now joins an elite group of colleges across the UK to receive accreditation from the association.

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