Welfare Cuts Will Be Cameron's Poll Tax Says Ritchie


SDLP MP for South Down Margaret Ritchie has slammed the Prime Minister over the government’s welfare cuts, including the introduction of universal credit and the bedroom tax.dn_screen

Speaking after Prime Ministers Questions last week, Ms Ritchie said:  “These welfare cuts, dressed up as reform, will leave a permanent scar on our society. This will be the British Prime Minister’s lasting legacy and people will be left with the consequences for years to come. In Northern Ireland we have a legacy of physical and psychological impairment from decades of conflict and this government will be heaping more misery on the most vulnerable. “It would seem that even more welfare cuts are coming down the track as this government scapegoat those most in need of protection while handing out an income tax cut to the richest in society. It was not those on welfare who caused the banking crisis and the government cannot continue to hide their own economic failure behind this facade. “The SDLP will continue to fight to protect those in the north of Ireland from the worst consequences of the introduction of universal credit and the bedroom tax.”]]>


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