South Eastern HSC Trust Receives Prestigious UK Gong


 Local Health Trust Named in Top Forty CHKS Trusts in UK THE South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust has been named as one of the top 40 acute hospital Trusts in the United Kingdom. The award is given to the 40 top performing CHKS Trusts in the UK and is one of several awards that are part of the CHKS Top Hospitals Programme.dn_screen As well as national awards for patient safety, quality of care and data quality, CHKS celebrates excellence amongst its clients across the UK. The 40Top award is based on the evaluation of 22 key performance indicators covering safety, clinical effectiveness, health outcomes, efficiency, patient experience and quality of care. The South Eastern HSC Trust’s Chief Executive, Hugh McCaughey said:  “This is a fantastic achievement to be recognised as one of the Top 40 Trusts in the United Kingdom.  This award is a tribute to all our staff who work so hard to achieve very high standards.  It also demonstrates the quality and efficiency of our services”. Jason Harries, CHKS Managing Director said: “We are delighted that the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust is one of our 40 Top performing Trusts for 2013. These awards recognise outstanding performance in 22 areas which we believe are critical to delivering good patient care.”  ]]>