Rogers Welcomes 20MPH Pilot Schemes for Rural Schools


SOUTH Down SDLP Assembly Member Seán Rogers has welcomed the 20mph scheme for rural schools. The Roads Service is to pilot the scheme across Northern Ireland with the view for provision for every rural schools.

Mr Rogers said: “It is important for all school children and road users that safety is a priority, rural schools need reduced speed as the roads can be dangerous, especially schools such as St Mary’s Aughlisnafin and St Mary’s Glassdrumman.dn_screen

“Following representations to the DRD Roads Service, I am pleased that the roads service has placed St Mary’s Aughlisnafin on the pilot scheme, but more needs done to ensure total safety for the school children. In the next coming months I will be pressing for funding to ensure the scheme becomes permanent. I have put forth the case that St Mary’s Aughlisnafin is in need of flashing amber lights.

“I appreciate that the Roads Service budget is being stretched, but we cannot jeopardise the safety of our schools and roads users,” added Mr Rogers.