Ritchie Welcomes GFA Support For Narrow Water Bridge



Ms Ritchie said: “As a member of the Joint Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement, I secured in February 2013 the Committee’s support for the Narrow Water Bridge Project and their agreement to assist the project as it makes it journey through the final stages of funding.

“As a result, an invitation was then extended to Warrenpoint and Dundalk Chambers of Commerce by the Committee, and today we received a detailed presentation on the economic and social benefits the Bridge will bring, and the pivotal part this Bridge will play in the future development of the tourism market on the Island.

“The Narrow Water Bridge will be a win-win for all of the community, North and South, and today’s presentation provided tangible proof of this.

“Today was a very positive day for the Narrow Water Bridge project, its supporters and the community at large. It is my sincere hope that this positivity will be replicated in time by the Minister for Finance and Personnel’s funding announcement, which will allow construction of the Bridge to begin.

“In a time of economic downturn we have a project that will provide both short and long-term economic benefits to the entire community. The project is economically viable and sustainable and will be the economic catalyst required as we go forward and develop our unique tourism product in the South Down area,”  added Ms Ritchie.