PCSP Launch ICE (In Case Of Emergency) Initiative


DOWN Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) along with the Newcastle neighbourhood policing team have come together to launch a community safety initiative called ICE (In Case of Emergency).

ICE aims to encourage members of the public to keep their emergency contact details close at hand.

[caption id="attachment_44046" align="alignleft" width="390"]Newcastle Neighbourhood Police Sergeant Jimmy McIlveen, Constable Karen and Councillor Willlie Clarke, PCSP Chairman, launch the ICE initiative. Newcastle Neighbourhood Police Sergeant Jimmy McIlveen, Constable Karen Revels-Ward and Councillor Willlie Clarke, PCSP Chairman, launch the ICE initiative.[/caption]

Newcastle PSNI Sargent James McIlveen said: “Police officers often come across people in an crisis who, for a variety of reasons, cannot provide us with the name and number of their emergency contact. Traditionally people have stored these details on their phones and while this is a good idea, with newer phones often being locked with a PIN police cannot always readily access this information.”

PCSP Chairman, Cllr Willie Clarke added: “This is a simple and effective way of making sure that the emergency services have the opportunity to access your information quickly and therefore ensure you get the best treatment at the earliest opportunity.  I would therefore ask that the community of Down District support this initiative in whatever way they can.”

 “The initiative will see 1000 customised ICE rubber wristbands handed out in the Newcastle area. The popular bands have a window on the inside into which ICE contact details or details of any medical conditions and allergies can be entered.

“Wearing the wristband means that should an individual find themselves in an emergency and require assistance, the emergency services can quickly and easily find the details they need to contact family or administer the right treatment.

“In addition, an ICE card has also been developed which members of the public can keep in their wallet or purse.”

Newcastle neighbourhood officers will be distributing the wristbands and cards in local pubs as part of the ‘Get Home Safe’ programme, as well as in local youth clubs and groups for vulnerable people.