Patrician Youth Club Members Link With Drogheda On Key Project


FIFTEEN members of the Patrician Youth Centre in Downpatrick are participating in a cr0ss-border project linking with Froige in Drogheda.

The group will be examining the important issues racism, sectarianism and differences in general within our society.

Patricain YC members with friend sfrom Froige in Dundalk during a Carlingford stay-over.

[caption id="attachment_43309" align="alignleft" width="390"]Patricain YC members with friend sfrom Ftige in Dundalk during a Carlingford stay-over. Patricain YC members with friend sfrom Ftige in Dundalk during a Carlingford stay-over.[/caption]

Colin McGrath, Patrician Youth Leader, said, : “The group from Downpatrick has previously completed an exchange programme with their Drogheda friends which was activity-based, and this is a natural progression to an issue-based project.

“The group met recently in Carlingford and started the process of producing and informational leaflet that will be distributed around the schools in the local areas of Downpatrick and Drogheda.

“This is a young-person-led project and they will decide the content and will produce all the information in it with guidance form Youth Workers.”

Patrician group member Michael McManus (15) said “We are undertaking our project with a group from Drogheda and we met recently for a weekend of activities to get to know our friends before we begin our work. It was great craic.

“The booklet for local schools we are producing is a good way for us as a group of young people to learn about important issues but also to help teach other people our own age about the these issues as well.

“I like the idea that we can learn about issues in a fun way but also get weekends away and get to go to the cinema, do outdoor laser tag and other fun activities. It is also good that we do it with others from a different town – because it means we get to make new friends as well”.

The programme will run between now and Christmas and the group hope to have official launches of the booklet in both Drogheda and Downpatrick over a weekend in November.