Newcastle Alleged Rape Shocks South Down


POLICE in Newcastle are appealing for information about a serious sexual assault on a 19-year-old woman in Newcastle.

The incident occurred in the Down Road/Beach Avenue area in the early hours of  Saturday  20 July.


Officers are seeking assistance in identifying a male seen in the area at the time. He is believed to be aged in his late teens, about 5-feet 10ins tall and of medium build. He had medium-length hair and was wearing dark blue jeans and a light-coloured T-shirt.

Anyone who was in the area and has information about the incident, or the male, is asked to call the Rape Crime Unit on 02890 700 305. Information can also be given anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

* * *

SDLP MLA  Urges Community Co-operation in Newcastle Sex Assault Case

South Down MLA Seán Rogers (MLA) has spoken out following reports that a female was allegedly raped in the early hours of Saturday morning in Newcastle.

Mr Rogers said: “Firstly my thoughts are with the victim of this horrendous attack.   This is the news that no one wants to hear and I hope that the woman concerned is receiving treatment and assistance.

“The community of Newcastle and South Down are shocked and horrified that such a crime could take place in the beautiful seaside town. Such an attack is totally out of keeping with the greater Newcastle area.

“I would therefore urge anyone with any information to contact the Police immediately. Such a perpetrator must be apprehended and brought before the courts without delay,” said MrRogers.

 * * *

O’Boyle Shocked After Police Release Appeal for Sex Assailant

Speaking out after reports that a 19-year old girl had been allegedly raped at the promenade area of Newcastle, Councillor Carmel O’Boyle said:

“Like everyone, I am shocked and very sorry to learn that a young woman has been the victim of the violent crime of rape in Newcastle in the early hours of Saturday morning.  My sympathies go to her and to her family who will have to support her through this awful ordeal. I would urge anyone who knows the identity of the alleged rapist to pass this information on to the PSNI. Rape is one of the most heinous and violent crime that can be committed against another person.

“In June and again in July, members of the PCSP Engagement Committee, including myself, met local Newcastle residents to discuss the on-going nocturnal anti-social behaviour along Downs Road and on the promenade in Newcastle. At the time I said that young people were in that area until dawn and I urged parents to address their responsibilities in this regard.

“In my own area youths woke residents at 5am on Friday morning with their shouting and roaring. A young woman who was jogging along the promenade earlier in the week was pursued and jeered at by youths who had been smashing bottles on the rocks to the rear of the Newcastle Centre.

“Police resources are stretched to the limit when so many young people, by no means all of them local, decide to stay up all night partying and disturbing others who have to go to work the next day. So again I urge parents to find out where their children are and to ensure that they return home at night at a reasonable hour. It is not acceptable for them to be roaming around Newcastle until dawn.”

* * *

Newcastle Alliance Councillor Appalled at Sex Attack

Down District Councillor Patrick Clarke said that he was shocked on hearing about the reports of a possible rape in Newcastle at the peak of the tourist season.

He added: “Everything must be done to catch this person who needs to face the full weight of the law if this is proven to be a rape. If anyone knows who this person may be they should contact the police without delay. We cannot have this matter unresolved.  Women will be in fear of their safety.

“The young woman attacked has undergone a very traumatic ordeal and this must be a very difficult time for her and her family.”