Last Chance for Businesses to Take-up Subsidised Beyond Support


The Beyond Programme can match you with an approved business mentor to help your business with any issues you may be having or to help you to explore business development opportunities. Individual mentoring is available for those owner/managers who wish to tackle a problem or explore opportunities specific to their business.  Collaborative group mentoring is suitable for those businesses interested in exploring how working with others can help generate ideas and look at opportunities to commercialise ideas and move forward with an action plan.” Councillor Coogan added: “As the sluggish economic recovery continues, there has never been a more important time to consider if collaboration (working with one or more other businesses to a common goal) could offer a means to thrive rather than survive, by breaking through limitations on resources, time, or new ideas.” For more information about subsidised support or to apply for support by Friday 1 February 2013 contact Rhonda or Michael on 028 4461 0856 or please refer to the Beyond

Don’t delay, phone today! This short-term mentoring could turn your business round. 



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