Keep Presents Out of View Say Police


POLICE in Down are advising the community to be mindful of home security in the weeks before Christmas.

It is around this time of year that households start erecting Christmas trees and other decorations that take pride of place in the home and are displayed in such a way that they can be viewed from the street.

A PSNI Neighbourhood Policing Team spokesperson said: “Any Christmas presents bought for loved ones are also left under the tree so they can be opened on Christmas day.

“Unfortunately it is also around this time of year that opportunist thieves and burglars want to deprive you of those gifts if they think your home is an easy target.

“Make sure at night before you retire to bed that your windows and doors are locked and any external security lights or timer switches fitted to interior lighting are in good working order.

“It may also be worth considering keeping more expensive presents locked away until Christmas day.

“No one wants their Christmas ruined by a criminal, and while it is highly unlikely that your home will be targeted, it is always worth making sure it is secure.”


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