Hazzard Welcomes Historic Opportunity For US Immigration Reform


SOUTH Down MLA Chris Hazzard (Sinn Féin) has stated on his return from Washington DC that the potential for realistic immigration reform legislation that would facilitate the majority of the ‘undocumented’ Irish citizens  is real and possible if the political will that exists is encouraged and nurtured.

He added: “A window of opportunity may open up between November and December that could lead to a series of Bills that will deal with immigration reform. It is accurate to say we are now facing an historic opportunity for immigration reform being passed that will transform the lives of an estimated 11 million people living undocumented in the USA – many of whom originate from County Down.”dn_screen

Chris Hazzard MLA was speaking having returned from an all-party delegation to the United States in which immigration reform was a major issue discussed with various American politicians and civic leaders.

“It is critical now that we all increase the pressure and momentum that has been placed behind this immigration reform process and that we continue to lobby key figures on the urgent need for such reform.

“Between now and Christmas my constituency office in Downpatrick will receive dozens of letters from local families requesting me to do all in my power to help facilitate their loved ones return for the holidays – I am encouraged that we are getting closer to the moment when this can be achieved.”