Ghost Searchers Ireland Make Return Visit For Public Hunt At The Mill


gsi_the mill_8“Strangely, ‘things’ happen when we least expect them, often in daylight. Many peope believe that spirits manifest themselves in dark but that is not strictly true. Most sightings are in the day which is something that many people find hard to believe. “I expect in twenty years time we will know for sure what exactly is going on at the fringes of our experience and perception. Do we have a soul, is there an afterlife? These are burning questions that technology is addressing and there have been huge leaps forward in recent years, and one day soon we may have an answer for certain. “On the night the guests at the public invest (investigation) will be split into a few smaller groups and will have GSI leaders. Smaller groups are more effective and they will then rotate around specific parts of The Mill and run experiments using different methods and equipment. For example, we will do a vibration experiment which was first used in Victorian times. “It basically sends vibrations at a particular frequency out onto the atmosphere and we do a vigil around this. The last time at The Mill we tried this for the first time. It involved intensifying the sounds on computer and it certainly produced results in the cellar with a drop in air temperature denoting the presence of spirits and a fleeting spirit-like figure was seen moving by two people independently. “And last time we did an investigation up in the second floor and we actually saw a head popping round a corner when no-one was there. Again it was unexplainable. “I must say that we cannot say 100% that ghosts exist. We are basically sceptical, but have had a large number of experiences which do suggest that something undefined is certainbly going on. We are quite open minded about it and we are looking always for clear, rational answers and explanations. But often… there aren’t any!” Gary explained that GSI is using technology more in their ghost hunts. He said: “Every session tells a new tale. When a spirit come close you can often feel a drop on air temperature – the hair on your neck can stand up, literally. We have a new device now to measure temperature and a light turns blue if there is a presence suspected. “At the end of the day, the public can decide on what they have experienced for themselves. That is what it is about. “We also have a shadow detector which works on Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF). For example, we could put a teddy bear into a room which creates an EMF. Child spirits in particular can respond quickly to this. “In the larger public ghost hunts, we are aware that too many on one group can cause site contamination. When we do our own searches, we even break into two teams of around four, and we use walkie talkies to stay in touch. If we hear a noise, we can confer with the other group to see where they are. “But we run a number of other  methods such as the Van Der Graf system which shows up a spirit if one crosses in front of the dot matrix spread across a room. And we even have a box which tunes into spirits and picks out key words. Tis method can be quite revealing. “For GSI, we love experimenting at the boundaries of our spiritual experience. We are fascinated at what we constantly find. We may not fully understand what we are experiencing (yet) but it is very exciting and challenging. “There are still a few spaces left for the invest on Thursday evening 21 November starting at 7pm. “People travel far and wide to experience the unkown. It is quite safe. We haven’t lost anyone yet to the Dark Side,” quipped Gary, “but some people are deeply impressed at what they experienced and come back to other events. “We have for example been to Crumlin Jail, Downpatrick Railway, and many old buildings, castles and places around Ireland. We have stayed in the spookiest castle in Ireland where I felt a hand grab my foot as I lay in bed. It was quite an experience. Others too had similar experices in this very spiritually active castle, but that’s another story!” You can contact GSI through their website:  ]]>