Free Fanchising Information Event Tomorrow


JOIN in on the free franchising seminar TOMORROW Wednesday 7 November at the Down Business Centre.  Whether you have a business, you would like to franchise or you would like to start a new franchise business, this is for you.

It runs from 10-12pm.

If you  want to start your own business or expand your existing busines, this workshop will provide you with an overview of:

*       What is franchising?
*       What are the typical costs and timescales when franchising?
*       What are the advantages and disadvantages?
*       How do you know whether franchising is the right way to expand
your business?
*       How does a franchise system work?
*       What are the steps in franchising a business?

The workshop will also introduce the SEED Franchising Programme, a free programme that provides you with all the support you need to purchase a
franchise or successfully franchise your business.

To register for this event please email or call 028 9031 1002.






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