Death of Jim Miskimmin Shocks Down District


THE sudden death of  well-known Ballynahinch freelance photographer and driving instructor Jim Miskimmin last Thursday morning in Killyleagh has come as a shock to the Down community.  Jim had been unwell for some time over the past year but continued on bravely working despite  his difficulties.

I first met Jim around twelve years ago while starting my rounds as a press photographer in the area. Back then I found Jim to be a very pleasant, courteous  and cheerful gentleman who never seemed to be in a rush and had time for everyone. There were many times he was helpful to me as a novice in freelance press photography. And there was no doubt that Jim thoroughly enjoyed his work both in the role as driving instructor and as photographer.

Jim had a genuine sense of humour and could illicit a smile from his subjects with his casual charm. He was a true professional and over his years in working for the Down Recorder, Jim certainly photographed the life and times of Down District.  Many a time when I was attending a wide range of events  from agricultural shows, sporting events, cheque presentations and formal functions, Jim would turn up for his photographs and always find time for a chat with me. Over the years we spent many late nights at events taking the time to capture photographs that were important for those concerned. Jim never seemed to be under pressure as the clock ticked towards the late hours.

In the course of his work as a driving instructor and a photographer, Jim became a household name across the district. He loved his work as a photographer and today across the district many people have his photograph’s gracing their homes and places of  work and business.

I would like to express my sympathy and respects to his wife Mary and all of his family at this very sad and difficult hour. His passing is a sad loss to us all.

May Jim Rest in Peace.


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