Customer Views Survey Welcomed by NIIRTA


NIIRTA Comments On Customer Survey of Independent Retailers

THE Northern Ireland Independent Retail Trade Association (NIIRTA) has welcomed research on customer perceptions of independent retailers, conducted by 02, Retail Expert Clare Rayner and the British Independent Retailers Association.

The survey results for Northern Ireland show:

·         19% say they shop at big brand/chain businesses more frequently because they don’t know where the nearest good independent business is

·         9% can’t name an independent business near their home

·         69% think independent businesses are more expensive

·         59% think independents don’t offer the range of goods they’re looking for

·         30% shop at independents once a week or more

·         52% choose to shop at local, independent stores because of their convenience

·         47% choose to shop at local, independent stores because they’re an important part of the local community

·         29% choose to shop at local, independent stores because of the tailored, personal service

·         33% choose to shop at local, independent stores because of the unique experience


NIIRTA Chief Executive Glyn Roberts Welcomes Survey

NIIRTA Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said: “This is very useful survey of customer attitudes to independent retailers and shows that many of our members have a lot more to do in challenging customers perceptions that they are both more expensive and lack the range compared to multiple retailers.

“We have always encouraged consumers to shop around and they will be surprised at both the range and competitive prices independent retailers can offer.

“NIIRTA is encouraged that the survey also shows that consumers in Northern Ireland do support local traders because of their local community links, more personal service and the unique experience they offer.

“Our independent retail sector needs to build upon their unique selling points highlighted in the survey to survive in these challenging economic times.”


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