Culture Minister Wants to Hear Views About Líofa


CULTURE Minister Carál Ní Chuilín is asking Líofa participants to take part in a survey to help with the future shape of the Líofa campaign.

Líofa 2015 was launched over a year ago to encourage people from all backgrounds to take-up the Líofa challenge and reach fluency in the Irish Language by the year 2015.

Over 3000 people have signed up and risen to the challenge so far.
Carál Ní Chuilín said: “Over one year on, we want your opinion about the Líofa 2015 campaign. Are you progressing as well as you would like to with your fluency goal? What are the reasons for this? How best can the Líofa programme offer support to you in achieving ‘Líofacht’ or fluency in the Irish Language by the year 2015?

“This is your chance to help shape and enhance Líofa as a community and to ensure that you and at least 5,000 other people are speaking Irish more fluently by 2015.”

The Minister explained how Líofa is currently being promoted. She said: “Every month Líofa participants receive a newsletter which includes news and events about Líofa learning opportunities. A pilot Gaeltacht scheme was undertaken during the summer and an event celebrating the Irish language was organised in September to mark Líofa’s first birthday. Information is shared and collated on a daily basis in relation to classes and events to support the ‘Líofa community’ in their learning.

“As a learner myself I know this isn’t enough. Líofa would like the feedback and opinions of everyone undertaking the Líofa 2015 challenge. Everyone who has and will sign up to Líofa has the chance to voice their recommendations in relation to Líofa support through the Líofa survey”.

Make your voice heard!

You can access the Líofa survey here; in English In Irish


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