Coastal Comunity Fund is Launched


Coastal Community Fund, established by the UK government, is designed to support the economic development of coastal communities and will support a wide range of projects, including those that support charities, the environment, education and health. The fund for Northern Ireland is delivered in partnership between the Department of Environment and the BIG Fund, the non-Lottery funding operation of the Big Lottery Fund. This fund is financed by the Government through the allocation of funding equivalent to 50 per cent of the revenues from the Crown Estate’s marine activities. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland each have country specific arrangements and work in partnership with the BIG Fund to deliver the money.  The Big Lottery Fund has powers to deliver funding from non-lottery sources.dn_screen On 9 February 2012, the Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government, Eric Pickles and Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, launched the new Coastal Communities Fund (CCF), a UK wide fund designed to support the economic development of coastal communities by promoting sustainable economic growth and jobs, so that people are better able to respond to the changing economic needs and opportunities of their area. The CCF budget for Northern Ireland for Year One (2012/13) was £450,000.  The Glenarm Buildings Preservation Trust and the Learning to Grow project, Magheramorne were successful receiving £265,000 and £158,465 respectively. The CCF budget for Northern Ireland for Year Two (2013/14) is £500,000.  Application forms are available by emailing the BIG FUND at The closing date for Year Two applications is 12 noon on 26 April 2013. Applications received after this time will not be considered.  ]]>


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