Assembly Health Committee to Keep Eye on Transforming Your Care


THE Assembly’s Health Committee has agreed that it will be looking closely at the implementation plans for Transforming Your Care (TYC). As part of this close scrutiny, the Committee has agreed to undertake a number of investigations into the ten key themes contained in TYC.

The Chairperson of the Committee, Sue Ramsey, MLA said: “Following the issues that emerged from the Health and Social Care Trusts’ premature plans regarding the future of residential care, my Committee believes it is important that we look closely at the way TYC will be implemented.

“There are ten key themes contained in TYC, including preventing illness, older people, maternity and childcare, services for people with learning disabilities and acute care. We will take each theme in turn, engage with the relevant stakeholders, and examine what the changes are and how it is proposed they should be implemented.dn_screen

“To start this major piece of work–and one which will take us to at least Christmas of this year–we will be inviting the health unions in to give us a formal briefing on their concerns. Following this, we will be asking for a briefing from the Health and Social Care Board to let us know how the plan to progress the Implementation Plan.

“TYC is a hugely important piece of work and one that will affect everyone. As a Committee we will ensure that both the policies and implementation provide the best healthcare system possible.”

The Strategic Implementation Plan is currently being updated to reflect the conclusions of the public consultation and it is expected that this will be completed by the end of May 2013. This document, and the responses to it, will inform the Committee’s work and