Alliance Welcomes DEL Commitment To Review Teacher Training System


SOUTH Down Alliance spokesperson Councillor Patrick Clarke has welcomed the commitment by the Employment and Learning Minister Stephen Farry, to review our teacher training system including options for a more shared and integrated system.

The Minister updated the Assembly on his review of teacher training in Northern Ireland. He had commissioned independent consultants Grant Thorton to review the costs of Stranmillis and St Mary’s.  Minister Stephen Farry will now appoint someone to outline options for a more shared and integrated model.dn_screen

Councillor Patrick Clarke said: “I welcome the commitment given from the Minister that he would like to see a more shared and integrated system for the delivery and funding of teacher education. The Grant Thorton review showed that the current system is not sustainable in the medium term and relies on significant funding to remain viable.”

“The Minister has sought to use evidence based research so that he can make an informed decision in his review.

“I welcome the second stage of the Minister’s review to recruit an international expert to consider a wide range of options for reform including shared and integrated teacher training models.

“Minister Stephen Farry has again shown his commitment to the delivery of a shared future within his Department. This is evidence of an Alliance Minister looking at innovative proposals to progress towards a society for everyone.”