Alliance Councillor Clarke Welcomes Gully Drainage Repairs

ALLIANCE Newcastle Councillor Patrick Clarke has welcomed recent repairs to drainage and blocked water gullies along the Burrenreagh Road outside Castlewellan.  Councillor Clarke had reported to DRD Roads Service flooding along various parts of the Burrenreagh Road and in particular outside No. 11 following a constituent complaint.
Councillor Patrick Clarke said: “DRD Roads Service have confirmed to me that that the gully in question at No 11 is connected to a soak-away which is of limited value during periods of heavy and persistent rainfall. DRD Roads Service have agreed to examine the possibility of re-shaping the road in order to direct more run-off water away from the road gully in question and towards existing established drainage outlets.
“ DRD Roads Service have also advised that in relation to general drainage on the Burrenreagh Road, that gully clearers are currently in the area and if the road gullies on the Burrenreagh Road have not already been cleaned, they will be cleaned in the coming weeks.  DRD Roads Service have also agreed to monitor the Burrenreagh Road outside Castlewellan.”


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