Alliance Councillor Clarke Concerned Over Roads Blocked By Trees


ALLIANCE Councillor Patrick Clarke has raised his concerns about the response from Forest Service to clear a number of rural roads in Castlewellan area that were left blocked off after fallen trees from forests near by.

Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke said: “On both Thursday and Friday I was taking a great number of calls from local constituents regarding a number of rural roads in Castlewellan blocked off by fallen trees from nearby forests.dn_screen

“In particular the Bannonstown Road, Clarkhill Road, Old Bridge Road and Old Road all for a period were blocked off.

“However, Forest Service did not respond as promptly as I would have liked given the fallen trees were from nearby forests.

“I am also concerned about a number of trees along the Bannonstown Road which I believe should have been previously felled due to their condition.

“These same trees have caused a local constituent some concern because of their close proximity to the Bannonstown Road and he has previously spoken to Forest Service about this matter but to no avail.

“I have now asked Forest Service to inspect these trees and to consider felling the trees along the Bannonstown Road as these trees could potentially cause a fatality if not removed.

“I would like to thank Roads Service who did their best following the exceptionally high winds on Thursday to clear many roads as well as NIE and BT to repair broken lines caused by the fallen trees and the PSNI who also assisted closing a number of roads.”